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Famous Face Testimonials

World’s Famous Dermatologist, Dr. David Bryant located in Stockbridge, Georgia.  Practicing in Atlanta suburbs Eagles Landing-Stockbridge and Austell.

Famous Face Testimonial

I want to begin this note by stating that World’s Famous Dermatologist does not advertise for “miraculous results”. We rarely if ever use the words “promise” or “guarantee” although we have an extremely high patient satisfaction rate. The case illustrated demonstrates improvement that was so fast and impressive that her mom decided to share before and after photos with this web site.

Before Treatment

Photodermatitis and Acne Rosacea 

After Treatment

Another WORLD'S FAMOUS DERMATOLOGIST satisfied happy patient. Two week turn around and recovery from Photodermatitis and acne rosacea.
recovery from Photodermatitis and acne rosacea
stockbridge dermatologist

Before Treatment

The teenager in this photo decided to treat her own skin with over the counter exfoliation wash and a scrubbing device independent of a dermatologist.

After Treatment

After visiting our office we assisted her in selecting the right combination of anti-inflammatory cream, keratolytic, and vitamin A derivatives to use topically on her skin. After putting our recommendations to work, she achieved the turn around of improvement picture within days.
World’s Famous Dermatologist

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A medical internet/social media personality and dermatologist practicing in Atlanta suburbs Eagles Landing-Stockbridge and Austell.