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Skin Biopsy Testing

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Treatment Options For Skin Biopsy Testing. Dermatology Patient Education Notes: Treatment and Patient Expectations

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Skin biopsy: What To Expect

My Uncle once told me about his anxiety regarding a growth on his shoulder. He mentioned that he recently booked an appointment with his dermatologist and didn’t know what to expect from a skin biopsy test. I confided in him and mentioned that in my early days of medical school before working with patients, I imaged a skin biopsy as a procedure in which a surgeon would chop off huge hunks of skin in the operating room. I would later discover that the truth about skin biopsies is that very little skin is indeed removed and that its a very comfortable procedure.

What is a skin biopsy ?

A skin biopsy is an in office procedure in which a small fragment of skin is removed by the World’s Famous Dermatologist. The skin is later processed and viewed under the microscope by a pathologist.
Skin biopsies are not an emergency procedure and can be scheduled at the patient’s convenience.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

How does a skin biopsy work and how will you perform it to do the procedure?
How long will it take?
What kind of discomfort should I expect, if any?
Will there be a hole left in my skin?
How do I care for this biopsy site afterward?
How will I get the results?

Types of Skin Biopsies

Punch biopsy- when skin is injected with local numbing solution, followed by application of a sharp hollow circular tool to the surface. The tissue is then removed with forceps and the defect is closed with a stitch.
Shave biopsy- when a thin layer of the skin is removed with a small surgical blade, later processed and fixed on a glass slide, then examined by a pathologist
Molecular biopsy- skin cells are extracted from the surface including their DNA, this DNA is tested at a molecular genetics lab specifically for the risk of melanoma, a potentially dangerous skin cancer. This test, unlike the above two, is completely non-invasive
Appropriate treatment following biopsy testing

Appropriate treatment following biopsy testing

For test results of an inflammatory skin disease process, treatment will depend on whether or whether or not the result produced:
-bacterial infection
-fungal infection
-yeast infection
-viral infection
If a growth is removed and/ or tested by biopsy , the treatment will be governed by whether it is:
-benign (safe)
-pre-cancerous (intermediate)
-malignant (dangerous)
The above treatment descriptions are very general for purpose of discussion. There is a lot of variability and specificity that will go into an individual case.

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