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Cosmetic Mole Removal

There are some growths that appear on our skin for no apparent reason, and many times perfectly normal and harmless. Sometimes they are referred to as skin tags or flesh moles.

Our patients are pleasantly surprized to find out how easily these are removed with very satisfying result. The provider with access your case, describe the procedure and its cost and remove them in the office.

Diagnostic Biopsy Skin Testing

It is reasonable to be curious as to the cause of a rash or condition that is breaking out. Our biopsy testing is a comfortable method that the provider uses to put the disease process into a category.

The surface of the skin is tested under local anesthesia to detect whether or not you skin problem is related to an infection from bacteria, fungus, yeast or viris and the results are sometimes helpful in the provider selecting the best therapy for you.

Skin Cancer Prevention Diagnostics

Pre-cancerous skin lesions and non-melanoma skin cancers are common especially among lighter skin individuals with less protective pigment and melanin.
A skin biopsy may be performed for early detection.

World’s Famous Dermatologist has a special interest in skin cancer screening. Our provider perform treatments to freezings of pre-cancers and local destruction of non-melanoma skin cancers.

Molecular Melanoma Testing

The American Cancer Society expect a census of 87,000 patients to be reported as having melanoma this year. Its wise to have an exam for screening purposes to see if further diagnostic testing is warranted.

Besides traditional skin biopsy testing, World’s Famous Dermatologist is happy to announce the availability of a painless diagnostic test that tests for the DNA of a skin lesion at risk for forming melanoma in the future. This molecular test is done with an adhesive and without even scraping the skin.

Hair loss Therapy


Hair loss can be very stressful for a man or woman who is used to maintaining a certain amount of hair density. In some cases it can affect self esteem or make an individual feel disadvantaged.

Our provider do therapeutic in office procedures to improve hair loss. We also offer medical advise on how to lower the risk for hair loss in the future.

Scar Reduction Therapy


Some of the more common sources of scarring that is found among our patients of darker skin type include scarring on the back of the scalp or bearded area for men of darker skin type. In any skin type and regardless of sex, scarring can be observed in a location that has experienced previous trauma.

Normally scarring, including keloids if they are not excessively large, can be improved by injecting the surface with a standard anti-inflammatory solution. The solution calms the sources of the inflammatory cells that produce the scar and collagen.

General Dermatology

Dermatology evaluation from one of our providers is the first step in receiving personal individualized care for your existing skin concern or symptoms. The provider-patient relationship is a good foundation upon which your skin type will be evaluated and you may elect to explore options that involve our aesthetic procedures and skin care products.

Medical Dermatology

Our facility offers a full array of dermatological services to help you maintain healthy skin. In many cases this can be effective treatment for inflammatory skin disease or infectious disease processes. These problems problem often require a solution in terms of a medicated cream or oral medicine by mouth. These can be facilitated by a local pharmacy.

Pediatric Dermatology

Some of the more commonly acquired skin problems for children include inflammatory problems of the skin (rashes). Sometime a child can be experiencing dermatitis or a fungal infection described as ringworm. Some children have viral infections that result in a growth(s) on their skin such as warts or molluscum.

Parents are often pleased with how simply World’s Famous Dermatologist can bring about remedy in many of these cases. Often a combination of the right creams and/ or medicines by mouth will do. Some children will require a procedure done to the skin that will be performed with compassion by the provider.

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