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How much does it cost to get medical service from Dr. David Bryant-World’s Famous Dermatologist?
$50 administrative service fee per live visit or per encounter for patients that do a Virtual Visit regardless as to whether you have insurance or not-(covers patient education, Q and A, physical exam, written treatment plan, calling in script to a local pharmacist or dispensing pharmacist for shipping for specialized medicines) - this is done face-to-face in the office for a traditional live visit or remotely by a Mobile device for a Virtual Visit.
We contract with ALL insurance carriers Federal, State, and Commercial , including Medicaid CMOs and Ambetter.
Our provider WILL accept and bill insurance for procedures and diagnostic tests that occur beyond the $50 visit, for example biopsies, allergy tests, or blood work in rare cases. We will NOT bill insurance for the office visit under any circumstances or assist patient in billing carriers for office visit.
Additional fees may be requested for services that are not covered by insurance , including patients requiring procedures with an unmet insurance deductible. Additional fees are applied for cosmetic mole removal and/ or skin care product retail which are all optional .
Note: fees are NOT collected upon check-in . Fees are ONLY collected after presenting the proposed treatment / product and the patient agrees with the value and cost of the cash service. If patient refuses to buy to service the service or product, the provider will apologize for wasting their valuable time with a smile no questions asked and wish them success as they choose a better suited dermatology provider or solution for their skin problem. Often the provider will still offer some patient education in the process even if service or product is not purchased.