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About Worlds Famous Dermatologists


Mission: Our chief aim is to offer our medical communities a dermatology practice that emphasizes flexibility, customization, value, and access.

World’s Famous Dermatologist

Customization of Products :

Likewise there exist for each patient a subset of products that can be used in each case. Some are available by prescription and others are available by point of sale retail at the office. A patient will be able to pick and choose which of the above best fit them and purchase after options are presented. These pharmaceutical prescriptions and retail products are also made available to patient in the context of Virtual Services as mentioned above or in context of traditional face-to-face services, as opted by the patient. The patient is our boss and we are their servant.

Value Advocacy:

Our organization believes in the managed care system and we are and advocate for the patient when it come to the value of services. There are meaningful medical diagnostic tests or procedures that fit the patient’s medical necessity. If these covered by your insurance plan we make sure that those services are rendered and the patient captures the value of his or her membership. If services are uncovered, they will be offered at reasonable fees. We also try to keep our cash fees affordable for self-pay uninsured patients who need dermatology.

Our providers listen to the patient and remain flexible enough to realize that some patient may vary in what they want to select to pay for and what to defer and will try to match this variability within reason by providing affordable solution for budget minded and high-end solutions for those who want to invest more into their health and beauty.

Value before purchase:

Value is prioritized and will be deliver and described before any transaction is called for. Unlike many medical practices, World’s Famous Dermatologist does not collect money prior to the patient being brought back to the exam room . We meet the patient , examine them , educate them , present options , and lastly collect money only after patients have determined that our products and services are a reasonable fit for them . They pay lastly after they select from the options . They don’t pay in the waiting area prior to coming back to work with out medical team.

Access to provider before visit

The patient has access to our provider if necessary prior to visiting us . This may be by Virtual Visit over the phone. Again, even with virtual , the case assessment and patient education comes first . Payment collection comes last .

Also if a patient want to meet or chat with a provider, the provider can be reached by phone call or text after calling the office first . A patient can meet a provider or share a medical or question by text a phone before even coming to our office if desired.

Access to the Provider upon follow up:

A provider can be reached following a visit to our office . Provider accessibility is a central theme in our medical practice . The provider’s cell number is actually on the business card . Not only can the patient reach the provider after a visit . A primary care or other specialist can reach the provider also if necessary. The provider’s direct cell contact is published on the business card.

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We consider it our privilege to serve you.

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